how to heal a popped pimple

Apply a warm compress to the pimple. You should not squeeze your pimple. Your pimple will often pop on its own when a white head forms. Removing the pus will prevent infections and can reduce inflammation.Gently press down on the sides of the pimple with your washcloth until all of the pus has been pushed out.
Wash your hands before and after touching a pimple.
A whitehead designates that the pus is near the surface of your skin.
Squeezing a pimple can damage your skin and help spread bacteria to other parts of your face.

Rub an antibiotic ointment into the pimple. A popped pimple is an open wound and applying an ointment or solution can help heal your skin. Apply an antibiotic ointment, like Neosporin, to the pimple to help heal and protect it.
As an alternative, you can apply all-natural solutions like witch hazel or warm water with salt to the area if you don’t have an antibiotic ointment.
For minor pimple wounds, an antibiotic ointment can help it heal in a couple of days.

Don’t pick your pimple. After you pop your pimple, you may want to pick at the scab that forms. You should not do this. Irritating the area will make the pimple swell, get irritated, and become redder.
Picking at your pimple can slow down the healing process. Every time you touch your popped pimple, you are transferring bacteria and other contaminants to the open wound.