How to induce sweating?

If you want to sweat while running, either up your intensity, or throw on a hoodie. I would recommend intensity, you can either run faster, or you can add in sprints, or stop and do bodyweight work every few minutes. For example, run for 5 minutes, then stop and do 10 push ups and body weight squats in rapid succession. Repeat.

Alternatively, use a sauna. In the winter my gym stays fairly cool so I don’t sweat as much. I spend 5 minutes in the sauna after lifting which does the trick. I tend to sleep a little better and feel more relaxed when I do that.

Another thing that really gets the sweat going is to do body weight conditioning circuits while wearing a hoodie. Just doing 10 rep sets of 4-5 bodyweight exercises, no pause in between transitions, will really get your sweat glands going, as well as being a good indoor alternative to running for cardio.

With any of this stuff, make sure you are well hydrated, and if you start feeling sick lower the intensity or take off the hoodie.