how to ruin your visit with the doctor

If You Don’t Have Time for Personal Hygiene, Don’t Worry about It
So you didn’t have time to brush or shower before that early a.m appointment? No worries. People tend to think doctors are immune to strange smells anyway. Food for thought: have you ever looked in the mouth of someone who has yet to brush that morning?

The Truth: Doctors really do find odors offensive just like the rest of us. Be kind and take the time for personal hygeine before you arrive. It makes it much more pleasant for everyone involved.

Don’t Just Bring a Friend or Family Member, Bring an Entourage
Exam rooms today can easily fit at least 6-8 people, so why not bring the whole gang along. Perhaps your friends can ask a few questions about their health at your appointment.

The Truth: Bringing unnecessary people to your appointment will slow down your visit. The exam rooms really aren’t large enough to accommodate extras. Bringing one person for support is usually okay, but try to keep it at a minimum

Familiarize Yourself with the Medical Equipment and Supplies
While waiting in the exam room, take the opportunity to explore those medical drawers and cabinets. Hey, if they aren’t locked, they are fair game, right? Don’t take anything, though. As tempted as you may be to have little packets of various ointments and swabs in your own medicine cabinet, it’s just a big no-no.

The Truth: Resist the temptation to open Pandora’s box. There really isn’t anything special in the cabinets. I promise. Plus, if you get caught, your doctor may refuse to see you.