how to start a patient advocates business

Are you a self-starter? Are you willing to do what it takes without waiting for others to tell you what to do, or relying on others to get it done? Can you self-direct your work and focus on your goals?

Are you a networker? Rare is the business person who operates successfully in a vacuum. Others, whether they are your friends or your competitors or simply other business people from the Chamber of Commerce or business tip club, will be your greatest source of new clients or new resources. The ability to schmooze, both giving and receiving, will be one of the skills you’ll need most.

Do you thrive on challenges? Are you rarely intimidated and do you have a thick skin? Are you patient and balanced? Owning and running your own business means constant challenges. As a patient advocate, you’ll be confronted with people who don’t communicate well, people in pain, loved ones who have their own ideas, competitors, money people, medical personnel, and others who will make balance and patience an important attribute for you, too.