how to use facebook groups for fitness

Facebook groups can be a great way to attract new clients when done the right way. The best news of all – it’s a FREE marketing tool right at your fingertips that GUARANTEES you’ll reach all of your members (unlike Facebook Pages where it’s harder and harder to reach your followers).

I started my first Facebook group back in 2010 (before all the cool kids were doing it, LOL). I understood the power of having a community of like-minded people that shared similar goals. I also knew that people needed accountability with their health and fitness goals. Setting up a Facebook group just made so much sense to me as a logical way to bring people together.

I started out running different challenges in my groups throughout the year, and my first few clients

came as a result of having that group.

Back in 2010, I didn’t really market the group all that much (I was still new at figuring everything out) but we had a solid, active and engaged group. Most of all, it was fun – both for the members and for me! I’ve learned a LOT over the last 6 years, and I’ve run multiple, thriving Facebook groups since then so I wanted to share some helpful tips to help you fast track your success.