I cant lubricant

I am married since 3 mnths…my problem is I can’t make lubricant…it was always dry thats y nw I am suffering from UTI urinary tract infection… burning sensations …how can I overcome?

You can try the artificial lubricant… However also try using intermant wash and after bath try using perolliem jel like Vaseline… Drink lot of water at least 2-3lt a day.

. Dryness may be caused by the vaginal not being able to exfoliat well on its own, I use a sugar scrub inside, be carefull not to scrub too hard and be easy at first until you have gotten used to it. I do this twice a week and more if needed. Your body will be your guide as to needed frequency. I’m sure doctors would cringe at this remedy but all the female in my family have this issue and we have found relief using this method. As well a water based lube is best, vaseline is hard to wash off and you want clean. Toilet paper is a big no no, they are so biodegradable they can leave some behind, wipes or plain old soap and water is best.

Use coconut oil it’s best no side effects and natural you will feel good and great after using it.