I want my virginity back. Suggestions please

Virginity is not a bad thing to have lost because if you think about it it’s not even a real thing. Vaginas are naturally stretchy and don’t become “loose” unless you aren’t using your muscles in and around your vagina and your pelvic muscles become weak. If you want to strenghten those muscles I suggest doing vaginal weightlifting or using a yoni egg. Massage helps too! Massaging your stomach and by using a finger (or two) inside of you can help stimulate and strengthen those areas. And if you are really that attached to your virginity it’s more of a mental thing than a physical one. I like to think of sex as a new experience with each new person and every sexual experience as different. Your past should not matter when it comes to sex because you are not defined by what goes in your vagina. I hope this helps and that you feel better soon!