If your cholestrol is 245 what can be done at home to help bring it down?


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Take lecithin rich food such as egg yolk, vegetable oils(exclude coconut and palm), whole grain cereals, soyabeans and unpasteurised milk which increases the production of bile acids made from cholesterol thereby reducing its amount in the blood.
Wheat germ, yeast, and vitamin B extracted from bran has been found effective in reducing cholesterol level.
Avoid cholesterol rich food such as eggs, organ meats, and most cheese.

Cook with extra virgin organic coconut oil. Reduce the processed fatty foods increase organic veggies and add some krill oil to your diet (pill form). Also add some avocado to your meals. Cholesterol isn’t as awful as we use to think. Last, exercise. For 30-45you minutes start by walking moderately for 5 minutes then slow jog for 2-3you minutes breathing in through your nose, then walk moderately for 5 minutes etc. Day by day increase your time when you can. If you can’t afford organic produce then just fill the sink and add 1 cup of vinegar and dump your produce in and let them sit for 30you minutes occasionally mixing them around.

My holistic MD said he is not worried about high cholesterol. He said i can eat some cheese too. I heard a doctor on the radio say that people who have very low cholesterol like under 170 get heart attacks 3x MORE than people with high cholesterol. He said that is according to statistics. I told my doctor and he agrees. They ate pig fat and lots of meat 75 yrs ago and were more healthy than we are now.My mom lived on a farm when young and they ate pigs, cows and chickens. All her 13 siblings lived in mid 90’s…except one lived to be 104 AND was dressing up and going out 3x a week to play cards with the old men! But they also had type O blood. Researchers found out that people who have type O blood are the longest living into their 90’s compared to the other blood types. O blood is thinner too. They can eat a lot of meat and cheese., but they can get ulcers. I did 14 yrs ago. Type O blood people have TOO much acid in stomach and can digest a lot of meat. If you have type A or B blood you are supposed to be a vegetarian cuz your blood is Thicker!! Be very careful with the cheese and fat if you are not type O.

I like the vinegar idea cuz i was putting my grapes in a bowl of water with a dash of dish soap and a dash of bleach and swishing around to get off the pesticide. Will the vinegar get off the pesticides too?