I'm 20 and still 5ft tall :(

I am 20 years and I am really fed up with my weight 69kgs and my heigh…I’ve tried everything to loose weight but nothing works please suggest something please…And i want to to be atleast 6ft how to increase my height please give me some proper remedy, medicine , supplement or whatever I am really worried please help me out please :frowning:

Only diet and exercise will help.

Set daily or weekly goals for exercise and weight loss. Make small changes in your diet instead of attempting drastic changes that you’re not likely to stick with for the long haul.

Practice saying no to unhealthy foods and big portions. Eat when you’re actually hungry.

I’ve already tried it…thanks for answering :slight_smile:
what about height gain?

First and the most common is to exercise and do morning walk. This makes you grow well.
2) Eat as much breakfast as you can up to fill. This makes your metabolism* strong. Try to eat less meal but after every 2-3 hours.
3) The most important point is to sleep well. It is the dark or night time that matters for your growth. As muscles grow in dark only. Try to sleep in absolute dark or least light to make your muscles relax and they will grow well.
4) Try to keep your head and neck as much straight as possible. Your spinal cord will suppress your height increase if you bow your head most of the time.
5) Never do immoral acts as this suppresses your primary growth(increase of height, muscles etc) and initiate your secondary growth (puberty).