Is tea tree oil safe?

I want to make this toner that is supposed to help acne, but one of the 4 ingrediants is tea tree oil, up to 10 drops of it. Although I’ve heard a lot of great things about tea tree oil, I’m pretty timid about using it twice daily on my face after I read the potential side effects. The one I’m most scared of is the potential interaction with hormones (I’m 13, by the way), but since not everything on the web is true, I want to know, is tea tree oil safe?

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Some study shows that tea tree oil may alter hormone levels but not proven yet. Also, occasionally, people may have allergic reactions to tea tree oil, ranging from mild contact dermatitis to severe blisters and rashes. Use tea tree oil in diluted form. Tea tree oil took longer to work initially but there were fewer side effects with tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is very strong. Always dilute it when applying to the skin especially if youre applying to sensitive areas or if you have sensitive skin. I used to clean my piercings with it but I had a really bad reaction. Test it on a small area of skin first. You can also put a little in your face wash so it doesnt stay on your skin (thats what I do) instead of a toner. Tea tree oil also does amazing things for your scalp and hair…but just a little in shampoo.

Yes, but make sure its 100% pure. I put it directly on a pimple and its gone in about a day! Just don’t drink it, or use while pregnant.

I have and use Teatree oil always in the house. It is good for many things especially skin problems. It is a natural fighter against bacteria. It is widely used for many different things, not just to clean your skin. It is a disinfectant, can be used in your laundry for whiter whites and an arrange of many other things… It is suggested that you do dilute it with water and you don’t need alot of it.