Is there natural cures for ibs? (Irritable bowel syndrome)?

My sister has ibs she says the yogurt Activia has worked a little (better than any medicines the doctor has prescribed anyway) and I was wondering if anyone knew any home remedies or other fruits and foods that help with ibs. I heard probiotics are good but does anyone have a specific brand that has helped them? Thanks any personal experiences or helpful information is really appreciated !

I have had amazing results with ginger root. It comes in capsule form and is very cheap $4 for 100 pill of 500mg. I started taking them 2 when symptoms happened and 1 every 1\2 hour that they continued but I finally just started taking 2 of them with my AM and PM meds. After two years I am very close to symptom free and I’m down to only one pill per AM/PM. I carry a few on me for just in case moments. Warning: take with a full glass of liquid to be sure you get them down. If they dissolve halfway down it’ll give you major heartburn