Months of swollenwith fluid in testicle sack

Not an STD fluid has testicles swollen like balloon. Home remedies for reducing g fluid…no medical insurance, please is there something we can do at home to ease his discomfort. Seen Dr already, discussed draining, but can’t afford treatment.

Hydroceles that do not go away on their own after a few months may need surgery. Treatment is not usually needed if a hydrocele does not change in size or gets smaller as the body reabsorbs the fluid. But hydroceles in older men do not usually go away, either it needs to be drained or surgery may require.If you do not feel significantly affected by your hydrocele, you could opt not to have surgery and take painkillers as and when you need them. You could also support your scrotum with tight-fitting underwear or a scrotal support (jock strap).