my daughter keeps waking up threw the night

My daughter iis 14 monthhs and she dose not sleep threw the night she wakes up at least 5 6 times a night and im not sure why its been going on months like 6 months now i took her to the doctor and she said feed her cereal before bed that did nothing ive made it darker in the room still nothing milk when she woke up i even warmed it im not sure what to do she naps twice a day at 10 and two but only hour naps please help me the doctor saod she will grow out of it well its been months amd nothing.

  • Don’t turn on the lights or carry her into a brightly lighted room. The shift from dark to light tells her brain it’s time to rise and shine. Instead, soothe her back to sleep in her bedroom.

  • Don’t hold her gaze, chitchat, or serenade him with your favorite Rolling Stones hit. Keep your gaze on his belly and soothe him back to sleep with a soft voice and gentle touch.

  • Gradually eliminate feedings, one at a time. Gently soothe and comfort your baby when she wakes to feed, and explain that it’s time to sleep, not eat.

Speak firmly and gently while patting her back or tummy – but don’t pick her up. Even though she’s too young to understand your words, she’ll gradually understand the meaning, and your presence will be soothing. In many cases, babies cry only a little for a night or two before adapting to the new system.

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