Pain inside the center chest joint couse bad strong smell out of breath???

I had a chest pain located inside the center chest joint and course a strong bad smell out my breath which left me behind close door,ashamed of walking outside…the smell was too bad n people here complain alot,making fun of me…it’s been seven years now in n out of our local hospital without a cure for such illness…doctors here could’t found the exact course of my on going chest pain…They only give guesses,like suspecting i might have ulcer on the tissue n gave me description for ulcer treatment everytime I visited 'em doctors…yet no improvement or cure from those medication described.I have search the inter for help tips for my sick…which I thought you might help me with.
I had three kids to support n couldn’t find job due to my long illness…my wife is the only support towards me my kids…I hope you’ll understand me…thank you

Bad breath can be due to several causes including chest conditions. Consult doctor for underlying cause, then only you will be able to get rid of bad breath. Here are few tips which may help:

  • Avoid onions, garlic and spicy food.

  • Cut down sugary foods which is also linked to bad breath.

  • Reduce coffee and alcohol consumption.

  • Stay hydrated.

  • Chew Cardamom seeds which provides natural essence to the mouth.

  • If you are having constipation or indigestion, treat respectively.

  • Take proper dental care. Use a toothpaste with fluoride in it. Fluoride balances the acidity in your mouth that arises in the early mornings and brings it down to a neutral level.