please sugest me some home remedies for diebetic neurology

my mom is suffering from diebeties for almost 10 years.her condition has gone worse now.the burning sensation is gone very hight in her feet,she is unable to sleep,she cant even walk for for very small distances.please suggest some useful remedies.we have tried almost every thing starting from from alopathy,homeopathy,ayurvedic,unani and every thing that anyone told us.

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Here are few tips:

keep blood sugar under control. Normal blood sugar levels are the best possible treatment for diabetic nerve pain.

Exercise releases natural painkillers called endorphins. Regular exercise also promotes blood flow to the nerves in the legs and feet. Start with a daily walk, gradually increasing pace and distance.

Soak legs in warm water which temporarily increases blood flow to the legs and can help ease stress as well.

Applying cream containing Capsaicin made from hot chili peppers will help too though it cause burning sensation initially.

Limit caffeine intake, keep a consistent bedtime that allows for eight to nine hours of sleep.

Rub lavender oil or geranium oil which help relax people and also help to ease nerve pain.

Techniques such as meditation, biofeedback from professional trainer will also help.