remove negative energy home

When you enter a clean and clutter-free room, you feel good and the opposite happens when you enter a dirty, messy and cluttered room. This is mainly because all the clutter and dirt attract negative energy.

Every time you clean, you are automatically removing negative energy. This is why cleaning your home or workspace should be on your priority list to help fill the area with more positivity.

Regularly clean and vacuum each and every room of your home, including the bathroom and kitchen.
Clean all of the doors, doorknobs and windows in your space. They should be free of dirt and dust.
Every night, make sure your cooking area and kitchen is free of dirty dishes.
Keep your things organized and in their designated place.
Get rid of things you no longer need. You will only end up with more clutter.
Remove toxic products from your home.
Do not put your laundry anywhere you like. Keep your laundry in a laundry hamper



Smudging is one of the oldest and most effective ways to remove negative energy from your home. This age-old tradition is very popular among Native American people.

For smudging, the most popular herb is sage. When burned, sage releases large amounts of negatively-charged ions in the air, which neutralize the positive charge in the air.

Negative ions also help improve your sense of well being and mental clarity. Plus, the aroma of sage is simply relaxing and soothing.

Furniture Rearranging

rearrange furniture

As negative energy needs objects to hang on to so it can remain around, it is important to keep changing your room décor from time to time. Just rearranging the position of your furniture is enough to break the bad energy.

Move the furniture in your house around a little bit at least once a month. While rearranging, give importance to open space and your comfort, too.

Experiment with the arrangement until you find your room full of life. Anything that does not give you a good feeling is just not the right arrangement. Ask for suggestions from family members and friends.

Do not keep broken home décor items or any that you no longer use. Throw away or donate unwanted furniture and other items.

Fresh air and sunshine have incredible cleansing powers. The strong energy of nature will always make you feel good.

So, allowing a little sunshine and plenty of fresh air to enter your home is another simple way to boost positivity in your life as well as home.

In the early morning, open the windows and doors to allow fresh air and sunlight in and negative energy out.

You can even stand near an open window to expose your body to early morning sunlight. This will help your body produce vitamin D, which is important for your overall health. Bright sunlight can even relieve anxiety and reduce depression.

Not just your body and room, you must also dry out your washed laundry in the sunlight. Also, expose your house plants to sunlight from time to time.