severe centre chest and left abdominal pain

I have been experiencing this pain for more than a week. severe centre chest and pain in the abdomin just below the left rib cage. it happens all the day . it gets worst after food. Do i need to do any test done.

I am 52 year old female, chest pain, left arm, arm pit, upper left abdominal, pain also stabbing upper left back. Failed stress test, was told I had heart damage, one or more heart attacks already! Strange part- I scored 68% out of 70 (70 is best) on how strong heart and circulation is. Cardiologist was very smart, said something didn’t make sense. Did emergency catheter surgery. My heart was VERY healthy and strong! Turned out I had a Hiatial Hernia, very easy to test for, scope down tgroat, while put into twilight sleep, you feel no pain. Able to fix in 20-30 minutes! BUT, if you don’t get diagnosed and it "strangles (gets rwisted), could kill you or cause severe damage VERY quickly. Get your heart checked first obviously. But upper abdominal pain can be a variety if things, the hernia, spleen. …don’t give up, be aggressive. If my doctor had believed the machines and let it go, I probably would be dead or gave had unnecessary medication and life threatening surgery. Don’t believe the obvious, the tests don’t always come out right. Don’t listen to friends horror stories! READ! READ! READ! Find a doctor that LISTENS, thinks beyond the “obvious”. Chest pain is actually not caused by the heart about 50% of the time.