super herbs to cleanse your kidneys

Dandelion Root for Kidney Cleansing:
Dandelion works as a great diuretic and promotes the production of more urine. The urination process flush toxins out of the body.

Celery to Clean Kidneys:
Celery leaves and roots are well known natural diuretic since the ancient times. It comprises of nutrients like potassium and sodium, which makes it the most suitable herb to clean the kidneys.

Things You Need:

Celery Ribs- 2
Fresh Parsley- ½ cup
Things You Should Do:

Blend all the specified ingredients together and prepare a nice juice.
Drink this nutrient-filled juice for about one time in a single day.
Continue doing this for about 2-3 weeks to get best results in cleaning up your kidneys.

Marshmallow to Clean Kidneys:
Marshmallows can be effectively used to clean kidneys since they are great diuretics and increases the urine output. This would further improve the health of the kidneys by washing away all kinds of toxins repeatedly. Let us see this remedy:

Things You Need:

Dried Marshmallow root- 1 tbsp
Hot, boiled water- 1 cup
Things You Should Do:

Add the dried marshmallow root to the hot cup of water.
Allow them to sink for 5-8 minutes and diffuse their flavors out.
Now, strain the liquid out and consume 2 cups of this tea in a single day.
Continue this for up to a week to cleanse your kidneys.

Parsley for Kidney Cleansing:
Parsley can wonderfully take up the task of kidney cleansing as it leads to flush out all the unwanted and dangerous bacteria due to its diuretic properties. It also increases the urine generation.

Method 1: Parsley Tea

Things You Need:

Crushed Parsley- 1 tbsp
Boiling hot water- 1 cup
Things You Should Do:

To the cup of hot water, add the crushed parsley.
Cover the cup and let them steep together for about 8 minutes.
Strain the liquid out.
Drink 2 cups of this tea daily to cleanse your kidneys.