swine flu h1n1 know signs myths tips

the virus of H1N1 flu transmits from pork

It is a rumor that virus is transmitted in a person due to eating pork. The H1N1 flu virus is different from the virus that is found in the pigs. It is quite different from the virus that is circulating in the pigs. This virus is dispersed due to the droplets of saliva that are expelled in the air through sneezing and cough of the infected person. It creates problem for the healthy person that gets contacted to the contaminated air and the virus get into the body in the result.

Swine Flu has no treatment

It is a wrong statement that is related to swine flu. Several antiviral drugs are prepared to treat the swine flu. These drugs are helpful to treat the disorder effectively and helpful in shortening the period of its intensity. It is very important to get proper treatment in the initial stage because it is more efficient and beneficial in that time. The common drugs that are used to treat the swine flu are rimantadine, amantadine, zanamivir, oseltamivir.

You can take complete protection from the disorder through vaccination

It is the right statement that you can get complete protection from the swine flu due to the vaccination but for the people who are older than 6 months. The vaccine is provided through nasal drops and injection to take the protection from the virus. Taking vaccine at right time is quite beneficial for the patient that provides the immunity to fight against the virus and secures you from the swine flu. This vaccination provides you a one year protection so it is necessary to take the vaccination every year.

H1N1 influenza is not contagious

It is an entirely wrong statement; swine flu is extremely contagious and disperses very speedily from one person to another. The virus transformed through air because it is the strong and wide source of its transmission. Maintain distance from these people who have swine flu infection, it is the true protection of the disease. Wash your hands regularly with soap to avoid any type of serious conditions. You should wash your clothes in warm water for getting the security from the virus. It will help to kill the germs very effectively.