the benefits of journaling for stress management

It forces you to unplug and recharge.

Although surfing the Web and connecting with friends on social media sites can sometimes have a relaxing impact, sometimes there’s nothing better to quiet a busy mind than to unplug your phone and computer for an hour and sit alone with your thoughts. Recent studies have found that even with the advent of social media, increasing number of teen girls are choosing to unplug and enjoy the benefits of keeping traditional diaries

Gratitude journaling can make you happier.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Happiness is wanting what you have.” Take time to appreciate what you have – rather than focusing on what you don’t – by keeping a gratitude journal. Need a jump-start? Try recording your positive thoughts online with Thnx4, the 14-day gratitude challenge from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center.

Writing in a diary can reduce stress.

Organizing ones’ thoughts in a journal can help facilitate problem-solving and therefore reduce the stress of negative thoughts and troubling situations. Research on college students has found that many turn to journal-writing following times of emotional hardship – rather than other types of writing – as diaries have commonly been used as a form of emotional release.