the benefits of lactoferrin

Hepatitis C. Some patients with hepatitis C seem to respond to lactoferrin taken from cows. Doses of 1.8 or 3.6 grams/day of lactoferrin are needed. Lower doses don’t seem to work.

Helicobacter pylori infection (an ulcer-causing bacterial infection). There is conflicting research about the effectiveness of adding lactoferrin from cows (bovine lactoferrin) to standard ulcer treatments. Some studies show bovine lactoferrin improves the effectiveness of some prescription medications. Other studies show no benefit. However, studies do agree that treating Helicobacter pylori infection with bovine lactoferrin alone isn’t effective, even at high doses.
Stimulating the immune system.
Preventing damage related to aging.
Promoting healthy bacteria in the intestine.
Regulating iron metabolism.
Fighting bacteria and viruses (antibacterial and antiviral agent).
Use as an antioxidant.
Other conditions.