the negative effects of too much screen time

Eye problems

This is the most obvious effect of too much screen time. You feel pain and irritation in your eyes. And if these continues for months, it affects your vision in the future. Ensure that you always blink your eyes to give it a distraction from the screen.

Sleep deprivation Like earlier said, when some people are not staring at their computer, they are staring at their phones. After your 9 am to 5 pm spent at you, combined with the traffic, and instead of eating and going straight to bed, you spend hours surfing your phone. Your body needs rest and the best way is to get quality sleep.

Loss of social skills Many of us have lost our social and interactive skills because of too much screen time. We spend time on our phones chatting with friends and family. Thus, we don’t bother to visit anyone anymore since we have our phones which have made communication easier.