top ways anxiety is helpful


Sometimes we need a dose of anxiety to motivate to do things. If you did not fear negative consequences that led to feeling some anxiety, it would be unlikely that you could be dedicated to the rules of your workplace, be able to complete schoolwork, or become motivated to do something that does not sound pleasurable.

The truth is that anxiety is a powerful motivating force, and it drives us to do things in a way that few others feelings do.


If you have a big speech, test or event on the horizon, you may feel anxious as it approaches. This anxiety drives you to prepare for the situation, to cover all the bases and to consider what you would do in worst-case scenarios.

Certainly, people can do all of these things without anxiety, but it is our body’s natural way of driving us to do it.


Since anxiety is often related to fear, it is a way to protect us from danger. We can become anxious in situations that could cause us harm or even kill us, and this natural anxiety feeling prevents that. Unfortunately for people with GAD, this is the mechanism that often contributes to viewing many situations as dangerous which actually are not.