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vigana itching n accne. what should i do?

Problem iz vigana accne(dane). N now start ithcing on accne. Plz give me gud suggestion. Any home remedi?

Viginal itching is a common problem in women and girls.
Care and treatment:-
1.use always good quality cotton underwears.
2.keep your genital area(private parts)clean ,avoid hair remover
cream at your genital for removing hair.use rezor for this puspose single use blade.
3. Use good quality senitation pads during menses.
4. Keep your genital area dry never wear wet undergarments.
5. Use good quality soaps and shampo and never use soap inside vigiana.
6.during sex use seafty mesures.
Take Nizral tablets two time morning and evening after meal for 5 days
Use Nizral cream in vigiana with clean hand/finger for 10 days two time daily
When you applied Nizral cream avoid urine pass min two hours.
Using these methods you will get rid of viginal itching if not properly cured then Use Nizral tablets for 10 days and cream 20 days.