ways honor deceased mom on mothers day

Say it With Flowers
White carnations are traditionally the flowers chosen to remember mothers no longer with us, so pick up a bouquet and leave it at her gravesite or where her cremated remains were scattered after paying your respects.

You could also place the carnations in a vase next to her photograph or a candle as a quiet reminder of her throughout Mother’s Day or any holiday.

Put on an Apron
If your mother made you a special meal or a favorite “comfort food” when you were young, then why not honor her memory by cooking her favorite dish or something you remember her making often? Invite your family or friends over and make an event out of it by sharing your happiest mealtime memories during dinner. (But don’t be surprised if your guests think your mother was the better cook!)

Send an Airmail Message
If there’s something you wish you could have said to your mom before she died but never did, write it on an index card, tie it to a helium balloon and release it from a place special to your mother. No, she won’t actually get your message, but the symbolic nature of this gesture will likely prove more powerful and moving than you think.