ways to improve your familys fitness

Limit how much time your children spend watching TV and playing video games. (And limit how much time you spend doing these activities, too.)

Don’t eat snacks or meals while watching TV. If possible, do some type of exercise while watching.
Schedule family fitness activities, such as biking, hiking or tennis.
When the weather is bad, try indoor exercise ideas such as jumping jacks or Simon Says.
Encourage your children to try individual sports, such as tennis or swimming, that can be done throughout life.

Make getting in shape a family commitment. Schedule time during the week to exercise together. Set exercise goals as a family to help everyone stick to the fitness plan.
If family members are of varying fitness levels, exercise at a level most comfortable for the slowest, least-fit person. Also, be sure to tailor exercise to your children’s ages. If you have a 4-year-old, play games a child of that age likes to play.
Plan a family fitness vacation once a year.
Join a family-oriented fitness club or the YMCA.
Unless you and your children are evenly matched, fitness activities shouldn’t involve adult-child competition. It’s better to just exercise together.