what can frequent treatments with rid for lice do to my daughter's health?

We have tried all of the products designated for lice treatment. Can frequent use of these products be toxic or cause other health problems for my daughter?

Yes, repeating the treatment too quickly may increase your child’s risk of side effects from the lice treatment, such as scalp irritation. Especially, beware of Lindane, it might kill more than lice. Go naturally, try below tips:

  • Apply the mixture of water and vinegar in the ratio of 3:1 on scalp for 12 hrs. The head should then be shampooed thoroughly with head lice shampoo and hot water and then remove nits with a lice comb dipped in hot vinegar. It should be repeated 2-3 times a week.
  • Try to remove the live lice and nits manually. Continue to remove nits from your child’s head, even if you have to check his head each night for a week or more until you get them all.
  • Be sure to wash your child’s clothing and bedding in hot water and vacuum to remove lice and nits from furniture, carpets, stuffed animals, car seats, etc.
  • Keep the hair short.

Well it may sound weird buut get mayo and put a bunch in ur daughters hair put a plastic bag on top or shower cap and its safe and it kills them and ur daughters hair wont be harmed