What can I do to help with the increasing painful swelling?

I use needles to inject heroin and day before yesterday I was having trouble hitting myself so I had to try a few different spots including right above the crease of my right forearm, top of my right hand, right thumb, left knuckle of my index finger and finally right above crease of my left forearm and almost instantly overnight in all places I just named grew a bump with a white head on top almost as if they was pimples! They are all extremely painful! And the one on my left knuckle of my index finger is very swollen and around my knuckle where the bump is very dark red/purple color and theirs a red line or streak goin up my hand and up my left arm from where this swollen very painful bump is!! Please help me and help me figure out what is going on???

Swollen hands and ankle is due to heroin addiction. you should be getting medically evaluated for endocarditis or pericarditis. Also it could be sign of gangrene, seek medical attention immediately.