what do i do about a boil on the inside of my buttcheek from my p hole to my butt gole

please help!!! i have a huge boil on the inside of my right buttcheek its getting bigger n biggger i tried to lance it that helped but because of the location of the boil i feel its infected bause when i pee it does get on the boil plu when i walk or sit i sit hn it or it rubs against the other it hurts real bad when i stand plus it leaks and when it does i clean it but this morning it shot alot of puss out and when i wiped it it looked like old black skin skin. im not feeling very well and i honestly dont want to go the hospital for strangers to be looking at me down there like that.

Try a warm/hot bath and put epsom salt in the water. but my personal opinion if you think it is infectedis to get to the dr so they can treat it if it is infected. Swallow your pride and dont be embarrased for them to see you

Im not a professional but i would be applying some kind of ointment to it, keeping it dry, and letting air get to it. Id lay down legs open in front of a fan. Maybe even put some colloidal silver on it.

It sounds like an infected sweat gland, based on personal experience. I have had this once or twice and it’s a painful experience. Usually I have found that after a hot shower or bath, it will soften the skin and allow you to squeeze it with results. I will warn you that this is EXTREMELY PAINFUL; HOWEVER…IF you’re able to get it rupture, it will go down. Squeeze from the bottom and keep squeezing until you feel the majority of the fluid is drained. Going to the doctor is also an option which you’ll probably get antibiotics and they may even drain the fluid as well.

After reading your comment I have some success to a degree. After doing so I was left with a gaping hole in the affected area. It continued to bleed after 4 days now and constantly being cleaned and re- dressed. What is the healing time frame from something g like this? The reason for this question is that this is my first experience with this type of infection . I just want to know what are the expectations before I take it to the next step. Thanks again!