what does anxiety feel like physical symptoms

Anxiety causes long term stress, and that stress can lead to a host of physical anxiety symptoms. In some cases it may be just some mild stomach discomfort. In other cases it can be severe enough to land people in the hospital.Everyone experiences anxiety symptoms differently, and the symptoms may vary depending on severity and type. If you haven’t yet, take the free 7 minute anxiety test I developed to get you a graph/snapshot of your anxiety, along with treatment recommendations.

There are both common anxiety symptoms and uncommon anxiety symptoms. Most people with anxiety experience varying symptoms simply because everyone has different health, different bodies, different nutrition, and different reactions. One person may experience anxiety of the exact same severity as someone else in completely different ways.

Common anxiety symptoms are the ones that nearly everyone experiences in some form or another. Once again, it’s possible to experience anxiety without these common symptoms, but in general, if you have anxiety, you’re likely to experience the following:Heart Palpitations / Pounding heartExcessive Sweating / PerspirationUncontrollable Trembling / ShakingShortness of BreathChoking Sensations / Difficulty SwallowingNausea / VomitingDizziness / LightheadednessHot and Cold FlashesSome of these are a bit more common than others. Vomiting with anxiety tends to occur more often if the anxiety is severe, while nearly everyone experiences rapid heartbeat. But in general, these are the most common anxiety symptoms that affect those that suffer from persistent anxiety.