what is a frenulotomy

Tongue clipping, or frenulotomy, is a simple office procedure in which an extra piece of tissue, the lingula frenulum, is clipped, releasing the tip of the tongue from the floor of the mouth. As easily seen here, a piece of skin restricts this tongue tip from freely moving outside the mouth of this crying infant.

Unlike a circumcision, this is such a quick procedure; most infants cry only for a brief period and almost immediately resume normal behavior.

Many infants have tongue ties; however, the procedure should be considered only in those infants that are having trouble establishing breast feeding, are not gaining weight, are gassy, or whose mothers are experiencing pain during breast feeding. As a rule of thumb, if your child has a tongue tie, and the mother has received at least 2-3 days of support from a breast-feeding (lactation) specialist without improvement, consult your provider.