What is a homemade remedy for unplugging your ear?

Valsalva Maneuver

Take a deep breath and pinch your nose. Now, try to exhale like you are trying to breathe out. This will unclog your ears. This is the easiest and a good plugged ear treatment, especially for airplane passengers and pilots.

Nasal Spray

If the reason of plugged ears is sinus blockage, you can go for a nasal spray. This will clear the sinuses, thereby unclogging the plugged ears.

Alcohol and Vinegar

Take one part of alcohol and one part of vinegar. Mix them together. Then, lie down and put a few drops in your affected ear with the help of a dropper. Now, place a cotton pad in your ear, and do not raise your head. Let the solution work. You will feel an immediate relief, and your plugged ear canal will get unplugged.