what is a normal penis size for a teen

The readers were asked to measure the length of their erect penis using a rigid ruler. They had to place the ruler along the top of their penis and press it against their body. If you want to try this, be sure to use your other hand to hold your penis and place it along the ruler. Be sure to straighten out your penis if there is any curvature. Note the reading of the ruler.

After the reading provided by the people who measured their penis using abovementioned method, the following results were found.

Overall average: 6.07 inches

The participants had to measure the circumference of their erect penis using a specific method. They were asked to use a piece of string and wrap it around the fattest part of their penis. It was then placed on a ruler to take the reading.

When people were asked to use the same method to measure the circumference of their penis, it yielded the following results.

Overall average: 4.3 inches