What is holistic care?

Holistic health care is an integrated approach to health care that treats the “whole” person, not simply symptoms and disease. Mind and body are integrated and inseparable. Our holistic health care practitioners do more than just identify and treat a specific ailment. They are trained to look at the various aspects of your lifestyle and health issues, and design a course of treatment to help you reach your optimum level of wellness.

Holistic health is not only concerned with the absence of disease, but with a positive state of being. We combine the wisdom, traditions and disciplines of Eastern healing arts with the advances of modern Western medicine to achieve this ideal.

At our professional Integrative Health Center and Teaching Clinics, patients are not passive recipients of health care. Our philosophy is that each person has a responsibility for his/her own health and must be an active participant in his/her own healing. Patients are encouraged to be responsible for the daily care of their health through diet, exercise, lifestyle and attitudes about what constitutes wellness. We support our patients every step of the way, helping them to make appropriate choices and take responsibility for their well being.