what is latent content

The symbolic meanings behind objects and events in dreams . These meanings are usually interpreted based on psychoanalytic theory. Sigmund Freud believed that the Latent Content of a dream had to do with wish fulfillment.

Sexual conflicts may cause dreams involving long rigid objects or containers
Dreaming every night that you spent time with your friend for the day and in reality your friend is over seas; the latent content of the dream would be that you miss your friend.
Dreaming about your older sibling leaving you somewhere by yourself, the latent content would be that you are scared for when they go off to college.
Having a dream about being left behind; the latent content may be that your scared of being alone in the future.
The latent content of a dream involving clocks might involve fear of the menstrual cycle or one’s sexuality. (From the book.)
Have a dream about being chased by a grand piano. Latent content- You are nervous about a piano recital you have to perform at.
Dreaming that you’re falling after purchasing a house may be interpreted to the fear of falling into debt.