What is meant by a holistic view of health and well-being?

The best way to start a holistic self-care path for is to create a personal wellbeing plan. Start by categorizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual parts and then chose one activity, practice or technique that resonates and will serve you in that area, in the most enjoyable and meaning way to you.

Physical - A daily 45minute walk, Joining a running group or adopting a healthier diet & making more conscious food choices.

Mental - Commit to a 15 minute morning meditation practice, joining a 6 week mindfulness course or having one day a week where all phones, laptops and devices are turned off and you spend some time in nature.

Emotional - Start writing a personal journal, make time to catch up with a close friend once a week or seek outside support & guidance from a qualified practitioner to work through any issues you would like to release.

Spiritual - Rediscover a passion, interest or hobby that lights you up, offer your time to a volunteer organisation that is close to your heart or start a daily gratitude practice.