What is Oriental herbal nutrient?

The oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN )is a very important input in Natural Farming. It is made from herbs which are full of energy and function to increase plant robustness, to sterilize and keep plants warm. OHN revitalizes crops and activates their growth. It is made from popular oriental herbs such as Angelica, Acutiloba, Licorice and Cinnamon that are fermented, not boiled, to maintain the vigorous growth of crops.

Preparation of OHN with CINNAMON Materials / ingredients needed:
Rice wine/Bear
Jars / Bottle
Porous paper
Rubber band

Take cinnamon bark 250 gms / Bear 750 ml,
Put the cinnamon bark in a jar and fill up with bear so that the bark is completely soaked.
Fill the jar with 2/3 of the jar. (The amount of bear should be such that it fully wets the ingredients but not too much. Let it absorb the moisture for 1 or 2 days).
Add jaggary to the jar equivalent to the weight of the ingredients.
Cover the jar using porous paper and tie with rubber band. Leave for 3 to 5 days for fermentation.
Stir everyday with stick in the morning for two weeks.
After fermentation, pour distilled liquor into the remaining 1/3 space of the 3 jar. (For long storage)
If we use with in 45 days no need to add liquor, water will do