what is the fear of politics


Election season is generally filled with mudslinging, pointed advertisements, and hard-fought debates. If you are uncomfortable with conflict, you might be tempted to hide in the house with the television off during the months preceding a major election.

Like lawyers and used-car salesmen, politicians have a reputation for being slick and untrustworthy. While many people actively dislike politicians, an actual fear of them is somewhat more unusual. What is more common, however, is the fear of a specific politician.

During election season, it seems that the entire country takes sides. From major corporations to individual religious leaders, politicians seek out endorsements that they feel can help their bid for election. But almost invariably, endorsing one candidate means speaking out against his or her opponents.

When that message comes from a trusted source, it is easy to take it to heart. You may begin to fear a politician who is running ahead in the polls and happens to be someone against whom your pastor, closest friend or boss is spreading a message of hatred.