what is the most common reason for bone pain all over?

I’ve had this for 3 years its extremely painful sharp pains , constant and all over, femurs,forearms, upper arms, lower legs, ankles, feet, wrists, shoulders,elbows, fingers, knuckles,and hips. ANA came back neg, rh factor was 17?,platelet count was high, thyroid slightly abnormal diagnosis of hypothyroidism without the weight gain. Rhuematologist wants a bone scan, put me on low dose of thyroxizine, B complex, D3, multivitamin, calcium, vit C,ibu, family hx of cancer, leukeimia (grandpa),RA, cancer (grandma), fibro and lupus (Mom)

Bone pain can be caused from injuries, arthritic conditions or other more serious reasons. Correct diagnosis and proper treatment is very necessary.
You should go for bone scan ( for diagnostic purpose) and whatever your doctor had prescribed you is a right line of treatment, have faith.