what to do if you have bathroom accidents

Inform Your Doctor:

Most of the people don’t share this problem with their doctor because of shyness and embarrassment. Don’t make this mistake!

It is mandatory to tell your doctor and check that you are not having any sickness like Diarrhea, Diabetes, Neurological disease, Constipation Inflammatory bowel disease, Infections, Spinal lesions, Pelvic floor dysfunction, Trauma secondary to childbirth, etc.

If you doctor says you are having any of this disease, then take medicine according to doctors prescription.

Eating Habit:

Remember our eating and drinking habits can have an effect on the frequency and stability of our stools. If order to prevent this problem I suggest you maintain a good food habit and avoid foods that increase the bowel movements and causes diarrhea.

You should avoid large meals; overeating is harmful. Moreover, drinking so much caffeine, alcohol can be unsafe. Try to avoid too many oily foods too. Eat healthy foods like vegetable, fruits and try to drink fresh water more and more.

Avoid Over Thinking:

Don’t be so upset while bathroom accident happens. You have a toolkit with your cleaning accessories, and you have clothes with you. Simply find a place where you can clean yourself and change your undergarments and clothes in necessary.

However, if you have a trusted friend then you can share with him or her it may help you a lot. Remember if you are upset so much you can’t take proper decisions.