what to expect after labiaplasty week

Day 1-2

The day after surgery, expect, your woo hoo be quite swollen. The skin over your clitoris may be bulging as well even though no cutting was done in this area. Absolutely do NOT expect them to look “normal.” The tissue down there can stretch significantly. It may look alarmingly swollen. It may look even “worse” than where you started due to swelling. Don’t freak out!

Day 3-7

Expect that the swelling may get a bit worse before it gets better. Do not be concerned. Keep using the spray bottle with urination to give pain relief and to clean the area. You should continue to take your pain medications and apply ointment as directed by your surgeon. You may continue to ice as directed if your surgeon has okayed this. Friction from your underwear or more fitted clothing may cause discomfort.

As you start to move about a bit more, you may notice ups and downs in the amount of swelling of your labia. Pain and/or discomfort is still to be expected but improving daily. Blood-tinged drainage on your underwear or sanitary napkin/pantiliner is normal. You may still not be wearing any tight clothing/underwear if you’re sensitive to the pressure. Ointments and pain medication should be used as directed by your surgeon. Keep using your spray bottle when you vist the toliet for as long as you feel discomfort.

If during this first week you have unbearable pain, foul odor, pus, excessive drainage, fever, or any other concern, you should call your surgeon.

Day 8 and Beyond

You should start to see the light at then end of the tunnel about now with all your symptoms starting to dissipate. We ae not telling you that there may not be some pain but it will be a lot less. You will still have some swelling and tenderness although your toliet visits won’t need you water bottle buddy from last week by now.

At day 7 or 8 your will go visit your surgeon again for check up and have stitches removed

You will start to notice a huge improvement by the time you reach day 14, the swelling will have almost gone with none or very little pain. You may still have discomfort when any pressure from clothing is applied, this just means that you may have to stick to those granny knickers a little longer!