when i weight lift for 3 to 4 days i get sore muscles. a sharp pain.

The cause of exercise-related muscle soreness is thought to be due to the inflammation that is the result of muscle damage.

Here are few tips:

Rest: The simplest and most reliable treatment for sore muscles is rest. Most people with muscle soreness will improve with no specific treatment within 5 to 7 days.

Ice pack: Ice application for muscle soreness is probably effective when initiated in the first 48 hours of exercise induced muscle soreness, and probably less effective thereafter.

Massage: Massage is thought to simulate blood flow to the area and to diminish swelling within the muscle.

Stretching: Try some gentle stretching, it may help.

Ginger: Take ginger supplement. It fight inflammation and has been found to ease pain.

The best way to prevent muscle soreness is a gradual buildup whenever starting a new sport or exercise routine. Sudden increases in intensity or duration of activity can increase the chance of developing sore muscles.