when to start running after an ankle fracture

Don’t let people tell you what you can’t do, only you know what you CAN do. Maybe it will be the same, maybe it won’t. But if people can run with prosthetics, you can run on a healed broken ankle. You learn. You compensate. You adapt. But you don’t quit because somebody told you that you can’t.

Nobody decides that but you.

I broke 3 toes at the base of my foot, basically where they attach to my forefoot, 3 years ago. I couldn’t stand on my right foot for weeks, the swelling and pain was so bad. I limped for months. I wasn’t sure I could run again but I tried. I worked hard and I tried. I won’t lie and say it was easy. That my gait is still weird at the beginning of a run, 3 years post injury. That when the weather changes, my foot lets me know. When I increase mileage too much or run on uneven terrain, that it barks at me. But does it decide my path, my fate, what I can achieve? Nope. This week, I am on track to run 85 miles. In one week, yes

i think you PT. I think you work for a goal. I think you be smart. Small goals, long term goals. Your body is an amazing machine. We usually aren’t broken forever. We heal & move on.