who likes cellulite

You’re wondering about whether a guy will be upset when, after ogling your big booty, he sees your real rear view. And I’m glad you asked this question. Lately, I’ve been getting lots of letters from women who seem to think that guys will be surprised and disappointed when they see them nude

Most guys are not turned off by real women’s bodies because do not expect so-called photoshopped perfection — or anything close. If they’ve ever been with a real woman, they’ve seen wrinkles, stubble, bed-head hair, jiggling bellies, and everything else that gets air-brushed out of magazine spreads. If they’ve seen a woman naked — especially a woman with a great ass — they’ve almost certainly seen cellulite. It just comes with the impressive package. Guys do not expect to unzip your pants and see an ass that looks like Kim Kardashian’s oiled-up, photoshopped Paper magazine cover. That shit is just not natural.

This is basically a technical question, so I’ll try a practical answer: You know how there have been a ton of stories about how women go through their whole lives without wearing the bra that’s right for their breasts? Guys are like that, only with condoms. A lot of them don’t know which particular condom is best for their specific dick because they picked one brand when they were 17 and never tried anything else.