whole body cleanse diet

Drink water.

LOTS and LOTS of H2O! Water for the liver is like gas for your car. With small amounts of gas, your car can only run efficiently for a short period of time. Likewise, if you want your liver to perform at its highest potential in processing toxins, water is essential. For the average adult, 1 gallon of water (preferably filtered, if possible) will be most beneficial.


This will come automatically by adopting the 1 gallon of water per day challenge. Why peeing? Sweating and peeing are the only two methods a person physically removes fat from the body, and fat is where most of our toxins are stored. The more you pee, the more fat and toxins you eliminate from the body.


As mentioned above, sweating and peeing are powerful methods to remove fat, and therefore stored toxins from the body. Two of the most beneficial methods of sweating, through the detox process, are through Bikram yoga (a form of hot yoga) as well as through partaking in infrared saunas. Both methods allow a person to relax while sweating, maintaining a healing environment in the body, unlike intense exercise which may allow you to sweat, but can actually create acute inflammation.

Eat clean, whole foods.

Ideally, you are removing sugar, wheat and alcohol from your diet. This will stop the majority of inflammation going into the body so that the liver can focus on processing the inflammatory foods from the holidays. The most simple and effective foods to eat are those that do not come in a box, bag, can or jar. Essentially, whole foods plucked right from our earth.