whole body cleanse side effects


While there is no clear cause for this particular side effect, there seems to be a direct correlation between detoxing and the occurrence of headaches. This usually happens within the first few days of the diet, especially for first timers. The headaches can manifest as a migraine attack, cluster headache, or tension headache, and can last anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

Bowel Disturbances and Frequent Urination

This is perhaps the most common side effect of cleansing and detox, since the process directly affects the digestive tract. During the detoxification process, the body sets to get rid of toxins and everything else that is potentially a health hazard. This purging effect triggers frequent (and sometimes uncomfortable) bowel movements, especially during the first 2-3 days.

Most people who undergo cleansing programs experience loosening of the bowels due to the high concentration of acid in the detox formula (this is particularly true in the case of the Lemon Detox Diet).

Frequent urination can also be expected since toxins are also expelled via liquid waste.

Persistent Flatulence

Passing gas is a very common side effect of detoxing since the body attempts to get rid of all toxic substances in any and all forms. This can be particularly embarrassing so it is best to steer clear of crowded places when detoxing.

Fatigue, Weakness, and Lethargy

These three symptoms usually occur simultaneously, particularly during intensive cleansing (anything longer than 10 days). The body is naturally programmed to crave nourishment from solid food, thus the feeling of weakness and fatigue even in the absence of physical exertion. In addition, the muscles also suffer from lethargy due to the absence of protein in one’s diet.