why do teens use marijuana

I want to know what it’s like.
Many teens who try pot for the first time are curious about what it feels like to be high. Curiosity is a normal part of the teen experience; however, curiosity about drugs can become a slippery slope. Teens often believe that they are invincible and bad things won’t happen to them. If only they understood the negative impact that smoking pot has on brain development, perhaps their interest would dwindle.

Everyone else is doing it, so what’s the big deal?
Teens want to be accepted and be liked by their peers. Their desire to belong can lead to poor decision making. According to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids Attitude Tracking Study, when teens were asked why they use marijuana, 29 percent said it was because their friends use it. So, friends play a huge role in whether teens choose to use.

I only smoke when I am bored.
In a study published in the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, about one third of teens report using marijuana to cope with boredom. Marijuana is a dangerous pastime. There are so many other healthy ways teen can fill a void in time – such as yoga, martial arts, learning to play an instrument, or getting a job. Not only are these pastimes physically and mentally stimulating, but they also promote healthy coping skills.