why it is important to discipline your child

When a child receives a time-out after hitting his brother, he learns skills that will help him manage his anger better in the future.

The goal of time-out should be to teach your child to place himself in time-out when he’s getting upset before he gets into trouble.

Other discipline strategies, such as praise, can also teach kids how to deal with feelings. When you say, “You are working so hard to build that tower even though it is really hard to do. Keep up the good work,” your child learns about the importance of tolerating frustration.

Ignoring mild misbehavior can teach kids socially appropriate ways to manage their frustration as well. If you refuse to given in to a temper tantrum, your child will learn that’s not a good way to get his needs met. When you ignore whining, your child will learn that whining won’t change your behavior.