Will water pills help get rid of my water build up in leg from arthritis in my knee?

I have been diagnosed with arthritis in my knee cap. From this, I have a lot of water in my leg/ knee area. I had it drained once but it was horribly painful. I’m trying to find another way to get rid of water. Will water pills help?

Here are few tips:

  • Keep legs elevated. Whenever you sit or sleep keep pillows below leg so that it elevates above heart level. Lying in bed with your legs elevated is the best position to help reduce swelling. It is best to lie on your back.

  • Use compression stockings during day time.

  • Limit your water intake. Take only 5-6 cups of water in 24 hrs.

  • You can use water pills for a week to get rid of swelling only after taking advice from your doctor.

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No, water pills will not help. I would suggest ordering some alamo. It’s an herb with many, many uses and I’m pretty sure it’ll help.